I am so grateful for Dr. Nate, we had come from too many experiences with vets and neurologists where the practitioners had harmed Obi and we left worse off than when we came in. We were in desperate need of help and ya'll were a big deal to me. We felt safe and listened to, respected, cared for and the care was phenomenal. I think that what Dr. Nate was able to help us with was honestly the most meaningful/valuable/helpful thing I have ever received in my entire life. You all and Dr. Nate, well I am so grateful you were there for us.


This was the best experience I have ever had at a veterinary clinic. Right off the bat the staff was extremely welcoming and helpful. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Sam!! She was thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and compassionate.


"Years before, chronic kidney disease was discovered by our conventional vet. They prescribed the standard food that is formulated for this condition. I winced at the smell when I opened the bag and Pizza wouldn’t touch it. He began losing weight and even losing interest in traditional food. It looked as if he would perish within weeks. We turned to a magnificent doctor [Dr. Nate Heilman] who practiced Eastern as well as Western medicine. Exotic herbs were added to special vegetable based raw food that had to be cooked. It was as much of a hassle as it sounds and I, being a natural skeptic, went through the paces only due to lack of any alternative. But Pizza rebounded. I didn’t and still don’t understand the wonderful physician’s explanations about energy and flow…. But the proof is in the Pizza. He thrived."

From "Remembering Pizza the Dog" by Bram and Erica Towbin (Read the full story here

I left with tears in my eyes but not of sadness but of relief! The staff was amazing and very accommodating. Nate took so much time with my dog and truly cared about her. His knowledge on Eastern and Western medicine was so wonderful.


Dr. Sam is fabulous. She is great with our animals and has been a wonderful addition to Qi.

Jen and Cera

Just a quick note to thank you ALL for our wonderful experience there earlier today. Pax traveled home happy and relaxed, and is very taken with his olive stick chew now. And I'm very appreciative for your professionalism and genuine caring. Looking forward to seeing and learning more from everyone there in the coming years!

Laurie and Pax

I can't thank you all enough for the last 14+ years. You've taken care of my girls with love and kindness and felt like part of my pet family. Nate, you have a gift and I'm so glad to have met you and witness just a small part of it.

Thank you all! Joann

We want to thank you, 100x over, for the love, care, and compassion your entire team gave us and our beloved Heidi. Her last months were sometimes hard... but for every moment she had with you guys, it was so helpful and reassuring to see the true and authentic care and compassion you gave her (and us). These words do not accurately capture how grateful we are to you.

Thank you so much, Christine, Cameron, and Mavis

Dear Nate- Eileen and I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for all the care you provided Buster from start to finish. He would not have lived such a good, long life without you. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! Tod

Thank you doesn't quite cover how grateful I am. Not just for your care with this difficult day, but for your kindness and understanding and support throughout Garth's health journey. He's been the greatest gift of love and companionship in my life and you've helped all along the way to keep him happy and healthy.

Please share my deepest gratitude with your team. It takes a village and you've gathered a group of compassionate & passionate individuals for your staff. Every person I have interacted with over the years has been wonderful. Thank you!

~From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Carol

Thank you for the incredible care and love you showed Ginger and us. Ginger’s quality (and quantity) of life was amazing thanks to the thoughtful and wholistic treatment you provided and guidance you gave us. Even though Ginger quivered and hid behind the couch at visits, we know she loved and appreciated your care too.

Thank you for being a part of “Gingah’s” pack. We are so grateful for all of you!

~With much love, respect, and gratitude, Annie and Grace

A few months ago, we said good-by to our beloved cockapoo, Baxter, as he slipped away from earth to the Rainbow Bridge. He lived an awesome and amazing 16 years and 8 months. Though not an uncomplicated little fellow, he wormed his way into our hearts and lives with amazing energy and incomparable love, all 27 lbs. of him. We had never expected to own a dog, but when Baxter walked up the driveway and “asked” to become part of our family at age 8, we couldn’t say no. In the end, he owned us.

So when Baxter breathed his last breath in our arms on October 22, 2018, we were mired in grief. As spring approaches, we miss him every day and bless, embrace, and adore his amazing veterinarian, Dr. Nate Heilman, and his extraordinary and loving staff who gave us everything they had to sustain the good health of our family- dog and parents alike.

~Becky & Rich

To all our friends at Qi Vet,

We would like to extend our deeply heartfelt gratitude to you for all the kind and loving care you gave to our Maxie for his whole life, but especially this past year.

You all went above and beyond to figure out the ever-changing puzzle of his health care, while always striving to improve his comfort and well-being. We know this was no easy task, yet you met the challenge week after week.

It was such a comfort to us to know how well-loved and looked-after Maxie was each time he was there. You helped immeasurably to make his last year as comfortable and peaceful as possible. For that, we will always be infinitely grateful.

~With love, the Lazar Family

Dani and I wish to express our enormous gratitude to you all for the loving care and gracious accommodations for Zoe and ourselves during her end. Looking back, we wouldn’t have changed anything and feel things went as well as they possibly could’ve. Losing her was difficult, but we’re lucky to have had you folks to help along the way.

~Best Regards, Brian and Dani

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you’ve given Ceci & Stanley at such short notice, right before Christmas. We are so thankful to have such wonderful people caring for our loved ones. Thank you for being our heroes!

~Steph & Eric

Thank you all so much for the kindness you’ve shown to us since the tragic passing of Ellie Biscuit. It has meant so much to us. I’ve never known who absolutely loved going to the vet like she did with you. A testament to both her sweet & loving personality and the love & compassion you showed to her and us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~Jocelyn, Joel, Ruthie, & Charlotte

Lately, our conversations about Gracie include a discussion of how grateful we are for all you have done for her throughout her life. Next month, we will celebrate her 15th birthday because you have always been there for her and for us!

Gracie’s enduring health and longevity has made you our hero and a local legend among our friends. Thank you for keeping Gracie great for all these years and for making her great again.

~Joel and Beth

Thank you so, so very much for making the time to examine my Oliver. It meant the world to me- to be relieved of worrying that something very serious was going on, and to have some remedies to get him back up to par.

He slept a lot in the first 24 hours after our appointment, then was quickly back to his heading outdoors with good energy. And the noisy breathing subsided very quickly, which I attribute to the fine acupuncture treatment and the Chinese herbal remedy. He seems to be sticking closer to home now, and is a bit more cuddly at night.

As always, I am so grateful to have a doctor for my beloved cats who is as sensitive and holistic as you are. Thank you!

~Sincerely, Cynthia

Our little family cannot thank you enough for the care you provided for Luna during her adult years and the thoughtfulness and support you offered in her final days. Switching over to Qi years ago for her care was probably the best thing we could have done for our old girl. Nate- we are eternally grateful that you were willing to come to the house and let us be all together with Luna to say goodbye peacefully and calmly. Really- so much gratitude to you all.

~So warmly, Elise, Sam, Finn, and baby Margo

Our dog, Truffle, a Golden Retriever, passed away this past Monday. She was diagnosed 4 months ago with cancer. Truffle was a patient at Qi Clinic for the past 9 years. We can't thank Doctor Nate and his staff enough for the outstanding accommodating care our Truffle received there all these years. They have a wonderful holistic approach to medicine.

We couldn't recommend a better animal clinic, they always prioritize exceptional servitude with grace and kindness. They are very detailed in addressing and facilitating customer understanding concerning any issue. Additionally, they are able to recommend what they think is best for your animal, while remaining honest and being mindful of both the pet and owner.

When Truffle was diagnosed last May, Doctor Heilman was able to quickly pinpoint a prognosis and explain in detail what each treatment entailed and the effects. He patiently answered all the questions we came up with and was calm and realistic. We received such outstanding care, guidance & support in how to best treat our girl. I never doubted the treatment plan he gave us, and although Truffle was not able to be cured, I believe that she lived comfortably and in the best possible way at the end of her life, primarily thanks to the attentive care she received. Doctor Nate has great communication skills and manners.

This week has been a very sad week for my family. Losing our Truffle was extremely difficult but we always felt confident that she was getting the best care with a Doctor who is truly passionate about his patients. We are so grateful for all that Qi Clinic has done. We could not have picked a better veterinarian to commit to and rely on for the wellbeing of our dog. Your commitment, dedication and professionalism are keys to your outstanding practice. For treating our Truffle so genuinely for the past 9 years and especially while she was sick these past few months, from the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU!

~The Snell Family

I was in the office today with Paxton. I wanted to share with you that we have been 13.5 weeks seizure free!!! He had never been more than 2-3 weeks per set of cluster seizures for over a year until his hospital stay. I don't know what to say other than WOW!! He tipped the scales at 81.2 pounds today and when he came in to see you for the first time last September he was 103 lbs. What an accomplishment. The Buck Mountain Dust works great and I feel very safe using it with his condition. You have taught me so much about my animals that I will never own a dog the same way again... this is a compliment from me to you. This has never been about anything but the best thing for Paxton and I can never thank you enough for all you and your team have done for us. He loves his frequent hikes and swims. I can hardly keep up with him.

Nate & Team, Thank You again ... We brag about you all the time. I LOVE MY DOG SO MUCH… Here's hoping for more continued success !!!!! (holy exclamation points)

~Your friends, Eric & Paxton

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