Holistic Primary Care

Cat Receiving Acupuncture on its Forehead

Primary Care and Wellness Examinations

We provide proactive preventative health care for dogs and cats with a combination of conventional veterinary medicine (recently termed 'biomedicine') and classical Chinese medicine (a metaphoric approach).

Each patient receives a complete physical examination assessing the health of the teeth and gums, eyes, ears, lymph nodes, skin and coat, muscles, ligaments and joints, heart and lungs, and abdominal organs. If appropriate, additional testing may be proposed, discussed, and performed if thought necessary. Additional testing may include:

  • Blood work in our in-clinic laboratory
  • Sampling (aspiration) of any external masses
  • Cytology, radiography, or ultrasonography of the internal organs
Dr. Nate Performing a Chinese Medical Examination

Holistic Care

In addition, a Chinese medical examination is performed. The pulse quality of the femoral artery is assessed to determine the circulatory flow dynamic in the patient. The patient is palpated for tender or warm areas, which indicate a blockage of circulation (stagnation of circulation results in pain or warmth). Inflammation and mass formation(s) are noted, as these also signal an alteration in the circulatory dynamic.

Inflammation (or Heat) may result from excess circulation at the surface, while masses form from circulatory congestion. The patient is then treated with manual techniques, including chiropractic and acupuncture, to improve how blood flows through the body.

When a healthy 'moderate' pulse has been achieved, the significance of the body areas (acupoints) used to improve this change are assessed in terms of the metaphor of Chinese medicine.

From this metaphorical diagnosis, massage, acupressure, nutrition, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes are discussed and demonstrated. These modalities support the action of the in-clinic treatment and the resolution of the unhealthy pattern (if one exists). Because this style of medicine is uncommon, an example will be provided.

Wellness Visit Recommendations

Biomedical and Chinese medical diagnoses are provided for the patient when possible. Because it is rare for a patient not to have any early manifestations of imbalance (disease), we recommend more frequent examinations than most veterinary hospitals. When a patient is young, we may recommend biannual examinations (every six months). As a patient ages this frequency of treatment may increase to tri-annual examinations or even seasonal examinations (4-5 annually). If a health problem arises, we may recommend more frequent examinations and treatments than this (e.g., weekly treatments for acute conditions or monthly treatments for chronic conditions).

A Holistic Approach to Pet Healthcare

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