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More Testimonials from our wonderful clients!

Qi Vet Staff, we wanted to thank you for spending so much quality time with our GSD Hector today. We can tell everyone at your clinic are animal lovers through and through. Hector was very smitten with all of you. An amazing dog. We appreciate the fact that you will now help us keep him healthy and happy!

How is Hector doing, you ask?? I dare say Hector is a 'changed man' ever since his visit last Friday! We cannot believe how quickly and positively he responded to the acupuncture treatment and the 4 Marvels herbs! Saturday morning he jumped up on the bed and snuggled with us of his own accord--something he has NOT done in such a long time. We were so pleased!!!

His appetite is great--he's eating the raw like no tomorrow (at first he was not too interested in chewing the bones but all of a sudden he caught onto his natural instincts and he's thriving and chomping away)! We alternate between giving him the pre-mixed ground raw (various meats) with a little brown rice added in, and some in-tact chicken parts (necks, wings, legs). His bowel movements are the best they've EVER been, even when we thought he was 'healthy'. Who knew a great bowel movement could be so exciting???? :-)

His energy has increased tremendously and his 'spark of life' literally has been re-ignited! We cannot be more grateful to you and the Dr. for all your patience, kindness, and information during Hector's visit. We certainly look forward to bringing him back in a few weeks for his follow up visit. Thanks so much, and we are so glad we made the decision to bring Hector to your office. We'll let you know if anything goes awry, but honestly he's doing so well now, I can't see him being anything but happy and healthy!

~Regards, Bob & Lydia

Dr. Nate is a very caring, thoughtful, and gifted doctor. He is one of the few Doctors who truly loves animals. My family and I switched to Qi in November of 2010 when one of our beloved dogs was very ill. Dr. Nate confirmed that my dog had cancer and we began our battle against this Cancer! A battle we were determined to win!

Eight months and 2 invasive surgeries later, my pup is alive and doing very well! His prognosis is very positive (he has *years* left to live) and his life expectancy has already exceeded our former-vet's expectations of 3-6 months post-surgery. Thank you Dr. Nate!

We were so happy with his services that we swapped all of our pets to his practice. Our beloved pup's sister, who was a very lumpy woman thanks to genetics, was also treated by Dr. Nate. Turns out one of her very large lumps was cancerous... not anymore! After surgery she is now Cancer Free!!!

Dr. Nate has saved both of our dog's lives. My family and I will be forever grateful. This man goes above and beyond to ensure the health of your beloved pet. I received countless phone calls and emails from Dr. Nate and his awesome team checking in on my pups. Even after winning our battle against Cancer, Dr. Nate and his team still continue to call and email to check in on our pups. They are an amazing practice who will love your pet as much as you do.

The Doctor's at our previous Vet (for a continuous 8 years) *never * once hugged or gave our dogs a loving pat. Every single person at Qi (including Dr. Nate) gives our pups hugs, kisses and lots of loving pats. Plus, they know our dogs by name! My dogs feel so incredibly comfortable there and my male pup is no longer afraid of getting his nails trimmed (he had anxiety attacks at our former Vet's office when it was time for a trim).

If you love your pet - you will send them to Dr. Nate and his team!


Melissa and I just want you to know that we are so thankful that we found you! Your kind and gentle way with Meko, Kaiyuh and Emma warms our hearts. Attentive to each of their individual needs, aware of each of their personalities (and quirks), and concerned about all of their well-being – your care of our crew means so much to us. We can’t thank you enough for making time to see our fury kids, sometimes on short notice, to ensure their needs are taken care of. We so appreciate your approach to healing, and we look forward to our on-going relationship in the great effort to bring love, joy and well-being to our four-legged companions.

~Warmly, Shawn & Melissa

Ling is doing well with the herbs. Her breathing has not changed significantly but I have only really noticed her breathing heavily a couple of times since we saw you and it has been very hot so that's pretty darn good! And I am not sure if it is due to the herbs or Dr. Nate's healing touch with the acupuncture but she is jumping up on the couch again and is only occasionally stiff when she gets up from sleeping - we are all very happy about that!!!

Poppy spent the morning doing therapy at Fletcher Allen and her spirits do seem to be better! BIG reduction in the scratching since we started this new herb mixture (great!!!) and no signs of any seizure activity...


Diwali is doing much better. After Dr. Nate changed her herbal formula last week her improvement was impressive. In just 2 days her dandruff slacked and her odor started to improve. Now she is losing minimal hair, her odor is almost back to normal and the dandruff is still there, but just a little at skin level (not obviously visible throughout her coat). So, we are on the right track!


To Nate and the Qi staff: I just wanted to extend the most sincere thank you for helping out Mickey today (and for being so patient with my phone calls). Your gifts of calmness, compassion and knowledge are so appreciated. My grandmother is beyond grateful and thinks of you as "miracle workers." Mickey is a special dog and my entire family adores him. We are all so thankful that he's in such capable hands. Thanks again for everything. Matt and I feel so blessed to have you in our lives.

~Courtney, Matt, Barbara and the rest our clan

Dear Qi Vet Family - How do we start to say, 'thank you' for all your expertise with our four-legged babies through the years? We were devoted pet owners and wanted nothing but the best for them and that included all of you. Things are still tough for us adjusting to a quiet house. Losing Honey was like losing Maple and and Sadie all over again because she was all we had left. As much as it hurts, we are aware there are so many pets that need our kind dedication. With that being said, we are sure you will see us again. Thank you all again for everything you did for Sadie, Maple and Honey. The care you had for each of them, showed in all of their lives!

~Sherry and Larry

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for all of your love, attention, and help with Bauer. We are forever grateful to all of you. We do not think we would have gotten that extra couple of weeks with him if it weren't for you taking us in. The loss of Bauer was the hardest thing we have ever gone through but your superior professionalism provided and continues to provide us with great comfort. We cannot thank you enough; it meant the world to us!

~Andy and Erin

Heather has shared with me the extraordinary effort you have taken to finally cure Susie Q. This is such a significant gift in so many ways. We cannot wait until she finally gets in her forever home and it surely seems as though YOU have made this possible! Please, accept our most sincere thanks!

~Chittenden Humane Society

We want to thank you for the love, care, and support that you offered to us and our dogs, especially Sydney. We appreciate all of the time you have taken with us and answering all of our questions no matter how trivial. While the past year has been hard with the last several days being especially challenging, I do not know how to begin to describe how much comfort you provided us. I also want to let you know that when Nate came in the room on Monday morning he gave one last wag of the tail. Sydney always expressed how much he loved seeing all of you and enjoyed visiting the office, even when he didn't necessarily enjoy what you would do with him. Thank you!

~Ed and Mandy

The girls and I wanted to say thank you for helping them in their older years so that they can age well with minimal pain and discomfort. Montana is doing so well following her surgery for her lipoma. This morning we were out on a walk and she did a 'puppy charge' where she runs real fast in circles! She is moving that leg better and better. I am so happy that Dr. Nate recommended to remove it. In addition, I think the herbs are really helping both girls. Montana has very little anxiety and Maddie is asking to play ball again! It is truly a joy to see both of them at the age of 11 1/2 thriving! We are so blessed to have Qi Vet in our lives and we wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to keeping our pets well and balanced! Much love to all of you!

~Allie, Pam, Maddie, and Montana

Honey used to get excited every time I'd say, 'you wanna go to the vet?...and see everyone at Qi?' She loved coming to the clinic because of all of you and how much love you showered her with each time she pranced in. Thank you all for taking such great care of her and going out of your way to make her day when we came in. Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and for otherwise giving me more happy times with her than I thought possible.

~Nikki and Honey

Dear Dr. Nate and Qi Staff: We are writing to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to transform Jetson from the neglected state he was in when we got him into our beautiful friend and companion. We loved him very much and take solace in knowing that the 2nd life he had with us was fun, interesting, full of adventure and tasty meals. Without your help, our beloved dog may not have had such a wonderful life. We are very grateful to you all.

~Sophie and her family